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Updated on July 2020

金恺 Kai Jin

副教授Associate Professor


SYSU-School of Intelligent Systems Engineering


Brief introduction

I joined SYSU (School of Intelligent Systems Engineering) on July 2020,
as a member of Hundred talents program of Sun Yat sen University.
Previously, I was a postdoc in HKU (2016-2018) and in HKUST (2018-2020).

I am most interested in solving open problems that have clean definitions in theoretical computer science. My current research area includes:
- Computational Geometry
- Game Theory
- Algorithm Design
- Combinatorics
- Discrete and Convex Geometry

I am recruiting self-motivated (master) students who are good at mathematics or computer programming.

Education background

B.S., Special Pilot CS Class (YAO class), Tsinghua University (2008)
Ph.D, Theoretical Computer Science, Tsinghua University (2016)  
My supervisor is Prof Andrew C. Yao. My PhD. Thesis is shown in the following.

When Convexity Meets Parallelism

– a New Geometric Structure and Its Application

See http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.03897

Supervised by Prof Andrew Yao and Haitao Wang

Journal publications

Conference papers

Unpublished papers

Ongoing projects

  1. I am looking for more applications of my technique for solving the polygon inclusion problems.
  2. I am attracted by some open problems in game theory and will study them recently. I am particularly interested in cooperation and competition between multiple players.
  3. I am trying to extend the results given in my PhD. dissertation to the 3d case.
  4. I am working on several geometric optimization problems.

Selected honors

2002  Gold medal in China National Olympiad in Informatics
2003  Gold medal in China National Olympiad in Informatics
2005  Champion of ACM/ICPC regional contest, Chengdu (as the team leader)  
2006  19-th place of ACM/ICPC word finals (as the team leader)


I was/am a program committee of - AAMAS’21 - AAMAS’22 - COCOON 2022 - IJTCS-FAW 2022

I was/am a reviewer or sub-reviewer for

Received funding

Other experiences

I serve as a student coach in China Olympiad Informatics team (2006-2017)
I design creative problems for many Olympic competition of Information, e.g.,

Coach for ACM/ICPC in SYSU-school of ISE

I am the head coach for the training of ACM/ICPC in our department.
Please contact me if you are a student from ISE who want to join the training.

APIO2023 lecture note完整版 母函数及DP的综合运用

Teaching (Autumn 2020)

Game Theory (AI frontier lesson 2) Fair-Allocation

Data Structures and Algorithms

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Teaching (Spring 2021)

Data Structures and Algorithms

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Teaching (Autumn 2022)

Data Structures and Algorithms

Discrete Mathematics

Operation Research